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14+ Franchise All Over The India

Estd. 2016

Track your Family, Kids, Vehicle, Bike, Car, Bus, Truck, Auto Rikshaw,
BriefCase, Bag , Import/Export Baggage 

 Anytime, Anywhere On your Phone 


Our Expertise


-FUel Vehicle Tracking system             -CCTV Wirless Wi-Fi tracking System     -ID Card Tracking system   

 -Kids Tracking system                 -Anti Robbing Tracking System               -Watch Tracking system

-Employee Tracking system        -Goods Tracking system                            -Personal tracking system                                                 

Marketing Fleet

Increase the productivity of your sales time by making sure there is no time wastage.

Child Anti-Lost Alarm


Avoid your child being lost.
  Find your child's Location in Real-Time from your Mobile.

Vehicle Safety 

A better way to monitor the vehicles and also ensure protection against theft.

School Fleet and Management 

Monitor Multiple School buses in a Single Panel.

Track the Dispatch and Arrival Status of Each Bus.

Reduce the risk of Complaints regarding  Driver and Driving Issues.

Bags and luggage Safety

Improvise your services quality by timely visit to  your customer.

Public Transportation

Be relaxed with your Luggage, Track them from your phone easily 

Our Services used by:

EERA GPS HOUSE providing India's most Advanced Tracking Solutions

(with Govt. Approved GPS and A-GPS Technology).

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